The ghost town of Pripyat, as nature absorbs the former atomic city

Pripyat was a young city of roses and children, the average age of residents was 26 years old, the city was distinguished by wide streets and avenues, spacious courtyards, playgrounds and parks. The city was surrounded by a beautiful, Polesie pine forest, now this forest every year more and more absorbs buildings created by man. Vegetation is getting closer and closer to buildings, grassy floor crawls onto earlier wide streets, rather tall trees grow on the roofs. In cold weather, the city of Pripyat is at least somehow similar to that exemplary and beautiful, as it was seen during the USSR. In the summer, he looks like the worst picture of the post-apocalypse, at a time when a person no longer dominates our land and everything that he does dies.

Двор дома по улице Лазарева
The yard of the house on Lazarev street

It is hard for former residents to come here, some do not hold back tears, seeing what has become of their family homes, how catastrophically everything has been stolen, broken. Pripyat shows what low qualities people show in a thirst for profit, and unfortunately we live in the same country with such people. They began to plunder the city from the first days, the first looter was caught in Pripyat already on the night of April 27-28, 1986, 2 days after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. When they realized that the city could not be washed away from radiation, the liquidators were ordered to take out and bury things from the apartments. As you already understood, far from all things were buried, some left the borders of the zone for different purposes.

Двор дома по улице Лазарева
The yard of the house on Lazarev street

This city could at least become a museum, the authorities could save at least several buildings, maintain their condition and provide security at the proper level. But apparently the thirst for quick profit is much more important. Now the city is visited by hundreds of tourists every day, every year there are fewer whole buildings, almost all of them leak and freeze.

Просторный ранее двор дома по ул. Лазарева
Spacious earlier courtyard on the street. Lazarev
Припятский гриб, чрезвычайно опасен при употреблении
Pripyat mushroom, extremely dangerous when consumed
В доме культуры Энергетик
In the house of culture Energetik
В детском саду Припяти
In the kindergarten of Pripyat
Вид из ДК на колесо обозрения
View from the recreation center to the Ferris wheel
Пианино в коридоре 16 этажного дома
Piano in the hallway of a 16 floor house
Агитпункт в ДК Энергетик
Agitation point in DC Energetik
Заросший стадион
Overgrown stadium
Автодром в парке аттракционов