How do self settlers live in Chernobyl. I lived for several days in the exclusion zone

Today I want to show you, friends, how people live on the territory of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Often when I’m in the ChEZ, I don’t forget to pay a visit to the inhabitants of the “atomic land” who live far from civilization, because there are no hospitals or shops. Once every 5 weeks a grocery store comes here. And their native villages are surrounded by barbed wire and are considered unsuitable and life-threatening. But is it really that bad?

В гостях у самоселов, Чернобыльская зона
With self settlers in Chernobyl zone

In 1986, an explosion occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, dividing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people into “before and after”. Due to the high level of radiation, more than a hundred villages were resettled. But the matter is not in the numbers, but in the broken destinies, diseases, troubles. People who lived in this territory from generation to generation were forced to leave their home.

В гостях у самоселов, Чернобыльская зона
House in the village of Kupovate

After some time, approximately 3,000 people returned home to the contaminated area, and radiation did not bother them much. As the authorities did not fight, people still remained. And today about 100 people live in the exclusion zone. They are called “homeowners.” It was to them that we went the other day with a little help.

В гостях у самоселов, Чернобыльская зона

There are no shops and hospitals in the village of Kupovatoye, although about 15 people live here. All of them are already of advanced age and will not refuse any help. We brought food, medicine, money and helped with the housework. Grandmothers gladly met us and deliciously fed us.

В гостях у самоселов, Чернобыльская зона
В гостях у самоселов, Чернобыльская зона

Radiation levels are normal here. Grandmothers even have gardens.

Бабушка Мария, живет в Чернобыльской зоне
Grandma Maria

Watch life in the exclusion zone in a new and detailed video, “How do the dwellings live in Chernobyl. He lived for several days in the exclusion zone”:

Recently, we donated volunteer assistance to the grandmothers (self settlers) who live in the Chernobyl zone, together with Vlad Reznov, Dima (Kreosan guide), Vladimir Volk, Seryozha and Stas. We lived for several days in the village of the Chernobyl zone. Helped the grandmothers with the housework.