Found the house of the firefighter of the Chernobyl accident – Vasily Ignatenko in Pripyat

The inconspicuous building on three floors near the fire department of the city of Pripyat never aroused suspicion that the heroes of the Chernobyl disaster lived here. Today, the house of the firehouse of the atomic city looks like an ordinary storage room or, at worst, sleeping rooms for those on duty. But, as it turned out, one of the most famous firefighters who extinguished radioactive fire at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on the night of the accident – Vasily Ignatenko and his young wife Lyudmila lived in this house.

Today, many people know about the sad fate of lovers. Lyudmila and Vasily were not married for long, but they loved each other to the point of madness. The girl did not look for souls in Vasily, who reciprocated her. Everything was good with a couple from Pripyat. Luda worked as a confectioner in the “Factory Kitchen”, and Vasya was a brave firefighter of the Pripyat SVPCH-6. (Special paramilitary fire station No. 6)

They lived modestly, in a small hostel on the outskirts of the city at the very part. Ignatenko’s apartment consisted of one room and a small kitchen. But that was enough for happiness.

On the night of the Chernobyl accident, Vasily was, as always, on duty. In the middle of the night, the units raised the alarm. The whole guard gathered quickly, some did not capture special costumes. The call was an emergency. Vasya managed to shout to Lyudmila out the window that everything was in order and that she would go to rest.

Вид из общежития на пожарную часть
View from the hostel to the fire station

Vasily left for a fire and did not return. Everyone knows the sad fate of brave firefighters.
So today it looks like a house where young and loving people happily lived. Luda Ignatenko visited her apartment in 2001, showing reporters her room. I noticed that things were gone, as well as photos from the walls. She remembers that the wedding photo was hanging on the wall. Now he is gone.

Today Lyudmila lives in Kiev with her son Anatoly. And they very rarely visit the city of Pripyat, because it’s all very hard to remember. In this video, Lyudmila visits the place where he and Vasily lived before the Chernobyl accident.