Chernobyl dogs

Chernobyl wild dogs

A lot of stray dogs survive in Chernobyl exclusion zone, some of them descendants of those dogs left by former residents of villages and cities that were evacuated because of radiation contamination. Many dogs wander around the city of Chernobyl in small flocks, some dogs have found their shelter at numerous checkpoints in the exclusion zone, as well as at guard posts.

dogs in chernobyl

Сhernobyl stray dogs

Stray dogs in the exclusion zone often become food for numerous predatory wild animals: wolves, lynxes. Feed stray dogs are mostly workers of Chernobyl, as well as tourists who come here to see the atmosphere of post-polipsis and abandoned buildings. On the territory of the zone contaminated with radiation, dogs are vaccinated against rabies, plague, hepatitis and other diseases. After vaccination of animals set free again.

chernobyl stray dogs

This dog is called Tarzan, he lives at the checkpoint of the military town of Chernobyl-2

dogs of chernobyl

Dogs in Chernobyl

dogs of chernobyl

chernobyl radioactive dogs

Mutated dogs iChernobyl

There are no mutated cats and dogs in Chernobyl zone. Cases of animal mutations, as well as humans, occurred long before radiation accidents. Increased interest in Chernobyl mutant dogs comes primarily from false press or from computer games. There are no proven facts of the presence of mutations in animals after the Chernobyl catastrophe.

chernobyl mutant dogs

Chernobyl radioactive dogs

Workers of the ChNPP are trying to greet and feed thembut the Americans – the organization Clean Future Fundsfounded by Lucas Hickson and Eric Kambarian – are engaged in systemic activities to save homeless animalsOn how the project called “Dogs of Chernobyl“. It is very difficult for domestic animals to survive in a zone contaminated by radiation. A lot of heavy military transport travels around the zone, an unsafe environment, homelessness, predators like wolves significantly shorten the lives of dogs – in the zone they live on average 3-5 years.

Dogs in Chernobyl

Chernobyl feral dogs

Dogs at Chernobyl are not sterilized, and the population increases uncontrollably. sometimes dogs become infected with rabies from wild animals, wolves, for example, and become dangerous for workers of the ChNPP and tourists.

chernobyl dogs

Chernobyl dogs in Pripyat

Mummy of a dog in Pripyat

chernobyl mutant dogs

Often there are cases when dogs go into an abandoned building in Pripyat or in the military town of Chernobyl-2, but can not get out. In the photo the remains of dogs that were locked in the apartment of the military town of Chernobyl 2.

Dogs in Chernobyl

dogs chernobyl-2 duga

After the accident at the Chernobyl reactor, the soldiers had an order to destroy domestic animals in the exclusion zone.

chernobyl dogs

Dog at ChNPP cooling tower

Mutants in Chernobyl