Why pregnant women from Pripyat were forced to have abortions at any time

“What if you give birth to a mutant? Moose, don’t be silly! A doctor in the clinic is waiting for you tomorrow. ” Such conversations were conducted after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The time of the Soviet era allowed families to give birth to 3, or even 5 children. There was work, there was something to feed. For example, in the city of Pripyat, which was 1.5 km from the ill-fated atony of the station, 14,000 children lived!

After the release of radionuclides during the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, people were afraid of the birth of disabled people, or even mutants. Science has proven that the effect of radiation can cause terrible things, gene mutations.

Therefore, in order to avoid the mass cases of giving birth to problem and sick children, the USSR decides to oblige all women to have abortions within 2 years after the Chernobyl accident. And the lines of pregnancy were not important. The cases of aborted at 5-6 months were recorded.

Also, women of the USSR were obliged to use protective equipment to avoid pregnancy.

But practice has shown that after the disaster, the percentage of sick and matted children was very low. Women, not listening to power, continued to give birth to children. They believed and hoped that they did not come under the influence of radiation. And fortunately, 95% of them brought absolutely healthy children into the world!

What can not be said about the animals. The birth rate of “mutants” in animals was much higher. In villages bordering the contaminated territory of Chernobyl for 10 years there have been cases of mutations among animals.

To date, statistics indicate the normal development of nature in the Exclusion Zone. But scientists are not sure that after 50 years, a boom of deaths and mutations is not expected.