Why is it forbidden to enter buildings in Chernobyl?

For 6 years in the Chernobyl zone it is forbidden to visit all buildings that were abandoned after the Chernobyl accident. After the evacuation of the population of radioactive land in Ukraine, no one cares about the condition of the buildings. The houses are old and dangerous. Therefore, the Ukrainian authorities at the official level banned from being in flimsy from time to time buildings of Chernobyl. But tourists do not stop.

Ruined house in Chernobyl

Despite the danger of the destruction of buildings, the tourists of the Zone climb up onto the rooftops, walk around the dilapidated premises, which were shops, schools, and swimming pools.
Each tourist is legally required to be with a guide (accompanying from the administration of the exclusion zone), who must monitor the safety of the visitor.


Do not allow overexposure, do not let people in dangerous places. Before entering the Chernobyl zone, the visitor signs a document where he accepts all the rules of the Chernobyl Zone: do not touch the ground, do not take souvenirs, do not eat fruit, do not smoke at the reactor, walk in closed clothes and do not enter buildings so as not to be stuck there.


Often, tourists do not understand the danger. Photos and videos for many people are more important than any rules and life. But for violation of the visitor can immediately send back to the checkpoint (the main entrance to the exclusion zone) without a refund (people pay a certain amount for the visit). And the guide who made violations of the rules of the Zone is dismissed. If something happened to the tourist or a violation of the rules for visiting the zone resulted in death, the guide faces a prison sentence.

Dangerous building in Chernobyl

So what is the danger? To summarize:
1. Danger of being stuck under the rubble of old and dangerous buildings. In Pripyat, at the time of 2019, there are already 12 collapsed buildings.
2. The danger is not to see the sights of the Zone without compensation, if you get caught in a building anywhere in Chernobyl.
3. You can get to the “black list” of Chernobyl. (You will not be allowed on the checkpoint anymore) When you break the rules of the Zone, you endanger not only yourself, but also the guide
4. The guide (the person accompanying you) may lose his job, and in case of an accident with you, go to jail.
5. You can also breathe in the harmful substance asbestos.
6. You risk getting external or internal exposure above the norm and subsequently having health problems.

The most desirable place in Pripyat, where the police can wait for you

Of course, many tourists continue to visit the buildings inside: hoping for good luck or a “kind” guide will allow.

Rules of visiting the Chernobyl exclusion zone for tourists

These rules do not apply to illegal tourists, because they do not depend on the state. And do not sign any papers. Stalkers (illegal tourists) are almost everywhere, taking the risk and responsibility for their lives only on themselves.

Destroyed school 1 in Pripyat