Where did the looters hide after the evacuation of the Pripyat-Chernobyl vandals?

Imagine a rich city of 8 square kilometers, where everything that was acquired over the years was left in a couple of hours. Where you can enter one of the 10,000 apartments, or for example, one of the 20 richest shops and take everything: money, gold, a TV, a tape recorder, clothes, furniture for every taste.
So it was in the city of Pripyat, the nuclear engineer, where after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant during the day, all 50,000 residents were evacuated from the disaster area due to the high level of radiation.

It was strictly forbidden to take things from the apartments. They were already considered “radioactive material.”
But what really happened in the famous ghost town in the first years after the accident?
Of course, Pripyat became a tidbit for all the looters who were not stopped by either radiation or the police checkpoints.
Already after the evacuation, in the evening, at 20:08 (from police reports), the looter was caught. It turned out to be a guy from the village adjacent to Pripyat, which was evacuated the day after.

The guy broke a window in one of the shops and took a lot of cigarettes. But the police caught him. The further fate of the looter is not known.
A few months later, the soldiers themselves opened apartments and took out all the things from there, in order to bury them in burial grounds. But, of course, many things “left” in an unknown direction. That is, home to the police, or worse for sale.
In 2006, another looting boom swept through Pripyat. It is not known what permissions the looters used, but they carved a huge amount of metal.

We found one of the places where these people lived. This is the basement of one of the houses of Pripyat. There is a bathroom and a toilet. A lot of city street signs, gas masks.
Often, “metalworkers” used the abandoned premises of the city for life: kindergartens, hospitals, apartments.

Today you can see the signs of fires in the premises. So the looters blurted out
Indeed, often such semi-legal looters remained to spend the night in the city, hiding from the police. They covered the windows with black films, and the entrance to the room was often blocked by furniture. To continue my dirty business in the morning.