What will happen if they get caught in a Chernobyl without permission?

What will happen if caught by police in the Chernobyl zone?

1.If you are in the Chernobyl zone without documents, you can catch the police, the National Guard of Ukraine. All of them can detain you at any point of the protected Chernobyl zone. They work pretty well, catch quite often;) police in the Chernobyl

2. Border guards – Chernobyl zone border territory, the availability of documents is mandatory, too, can stop you at any time with the verification of documents both in the zone and near the zone.
3. Military guard, special squad “Scorpion * – security guards of the Chernobyl NPP, other guards can also detain you and call the police

police in chernobyl zone

What will happen after you are caught by police in Chernobyl?

You will be taken to the district police department in Chernobyl or to the nearest checkpoint to draft a protocol and remove prohibited items, if any.

police in the chernobyl

1. Check the documents, examine the things. They make knives, pistols, some honey. drugs and sent to the examination. If these things turn out to be something forbidden (tramadol, hunting knife, firearms) you will get a criminal case under the relevant articles.
2.Izimut DVR, cameras, phone. Copy or delete the photo, copy the phone’s address book.
3. Control the contents of your backpack and personal items, if you do not have God you will find a fountain souvenir from the zone, you will also be charged with a criminal case under art. Stattja 267-1 and 265-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.
4. Most likely you will be taken to the interrogation to a representative of the Security Service and also to the Border Guard for interrogation about the purposes of your penetration into the ChZO.
5. They will sign the protocol and release (if there are no prohibited items), you will have to pay a fine in the amount of 340-810 UAH (12-30$)

Police in the chernobyl