What remains in the shops of Pripyat today?

What remains in the shops of Pripyat today? See photos

All the shops of Pripyat and the Chernobyl zone were devastated almost immediately after the Chernobyl accident. Until the end of 1986, somehow tried to protect the goods, put alarms. Perishable products were taken immediately after evacuation. The police were on duty in the city.

What happened to the goods in the shops of Pripyat?

But, realizing that Pripyat was not saved from radiation, and the goods – radioactive materials, almost all of them were taken from shops and buried. For the needs of the liquidators, large furniture and suitable items were used, which did not exceed the permissible level of radiation. Some furniture from Pripyat still stands in the apartments of Chernobyl, where the shifters (workers of the Chernobyl zone) live.

The piano in the shop of Pripyat today:

Is there anything left in the stores?

In shops of a dead and radioactive city, nothing of value has left. You can find the rest of the furniture, from cars and other things.

Soviet cash register in the shop of Pripyat

Soviet Music player and book

The old sewing machine lies next to the shop

Old shoes in the shop of Pripyat