What Chernobyl was silent about: how people were not evacuated for another 10 years after the Chernobyl accident

Did you know that the loud statements of the USSR that all people were evacuated from the dangerous and radioactive Chernobyl Zone were not entirely true?
More recently, one of the great secrets of eliminating the accident was revealed. We are talking about the small town of Polisske, which was not evicted after the disaster, despite the terrible background of radiation. Young children have suffered the most.

Пгт Полесское зимой 2019 года
Poliske 2020

The evacuation of the population of the Chernobyl Zone was successful. Village after village of the USSR brought about 130,000 people. But for some reason, the authorities forgot about the Polesskoye village, where about 10,000 Poleschuk lived (razg. So called the people who lived in the vast Polesie).
The radiation levels in the town were high, but there was no evacuation. People hoped, waited. But the miracle did not happen.
A month after the Chernobyl accident, the background reached tens or even hundreds of times higher than normal. Soil and water were dangerous.

Пгт Полесское

На все вопросы власть СССР отвечала одно: без паники, мы готовим все необходимое. Но так как на ликвидацию последствий аварии на ЧАЭС были потрачены колоссальные средства, денег на маленький городок Полесское не нашлось.
Так люди и остались жить в этом месте. Дети не могли плавать в реке, собирать грибы и ягоды, играть на улицах. Жить в этом месте было сложно и опасно. Но деваться было некуда.

Пгт Полесское в 2019 году, Школа

Polisske 2020, School

Over time, many people still left Polisske. For fear of getting sick, they all abandoned.
And already in 1999, the village was removed from the register of living settlements.
But today in the town there are about 3 homeowners who did not want to leave their home. There are no more children in the village.
Today Polisske is in terrible condition and is still with a high level of radiation.
So why didn’t the USSR help the small town, endangering so many people, we won’t know. Maybe it was an experiment? Such thoughts are admitted by Polishchuk themselves.

Надпись на универмаге в пгт. Полесское