We found a radioactive house with super safety inside in Pripyat. Chernobyl zone

Entering the dark house of Pripyat, in the city of nuclear scientists, which left 33 years ago, we were shocked by the figure on the glass: 5 x-rays per hour. Such dooming inscriptions were left by the radiation monitors of the Chernobyl disaster after the Chernobyl explosion.

Надпись, оставленная дозиметристами в брошенном доме
The inscription left by dosimetrists in an abandoned house

The house looks gorgeous outside! Not everyone could afford such housing in the USSR. Large, with beautiful wooden finishes, the house immediately aroused admiration.

Заброшенный дом в Припяти, около ЯХТ-Клуба
Abandoned house in Pripyat, near the Yacht Club

But going inside we were surprised: all the rich decoration in place. This is rather strange, because the looters in Chernobyl have almost cleaned out all the buildings. Why is everything here in place?

Заброшенный дом в Припяти 2019
Abandoned house in Pripyat 2020

We found the answer in the extreme room on the window: the inscription is 5 x-rays per hour! This is the year 1986. Inside! This is not often seen.

Радиационный фон в 2019 году, 219 микрорентген, превышение нормы в 7 раз
Radiation background in 2019, 219 micro-roentgen, excess of the norm by 7 timesз

The house is located on the outskirts of Pripyat on the street Ogneva.
Sorry for the people living here during the accident. And also children’s things lie. Sad We hope that the owners were evacuated in time and did not suffer!

Радиоактивный дом на окраине Припяти
Radioactive house on the outskirts of Pripyat
Находки в заброшенном доме Припяти
Finds in an abandoned house of Pripyat
Водка и книга
Vodka and book
Удостоверение, найденное в заброшенном доме Припяти
The certificate found in the abandoned house of Pripyat
Чехол от музыкального инструмента
Musical instrument case