Everyone has already heard about the terrible room in basement in hospital No. 126 of Pripyat town. It is there that belong to the firefighters and employees of Chernobyl nuclear power plant, who extinguished the fire during terrible accident at nuclear power plant in 1986.

Radioactive basement of hospital 126

Radiation in the first hours after explosion reached such monstrous indicators that people fighting with fire died within a year of radiation sickness.

It was the Pripyat hospital that took first victims. Clothing that was with radiation, orderlies sent to basement of  hospital. A day later the entire city was evacuated, and all «dirty» things were forgotten …

Basement hospital 126 pripyat

After 31 years, radioactive clothing continues to lie in the same basement room, emitting about 4 R / h, which exceeds the norm by hundreds of thousands of times.

Let’s look into that terrible room: (For a photo thanks to photographer Nikolay Onishchenko and everyone who participated in this expedition):

Radioactive basement of hospital 126

     About the Chernobyl accident

As a result of explosions in the reactor and the release of heat-heated to high temperature fragments of its active zone on the roofs of some rooms of  reactor compartment and engine room, more than 30 fire places arose. A special danger was fire on the roof of engine room, where turbine generators of all power units were installed.
    During the explosion, part of the overlappings fell to turbine generator # 7, damaging oil lines and electrical cables, which led to their ignition. A large temperature inside reactor caused burning of graphite. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant has developed an extremely difficult situation.

Some things are already scattered around room:

Radioactive basement of hospital 126

The task of firefighters:

The main task of the firefighters in first section was to prevent the spread of flames on roof of the maze of 3rd power unit. On the second plot there was a fight with a flame on roof of the 3rd and 4th blocks, in reactor room.
     The combat work of the personnel of HPV-2 and SVHR-6 was conducted under conditions of high radioactivity, in the atmosphere of highly active toxic combustion products, among the collapsed buildings, at high altitudes.

Entrance to «hell»:

Radioactive basement of hospital 126

Hospital 126, basement can not be visited without the protection of respiratory system from radiation, risk is cancer

The most dangerous room and things of firefighters:

Radioactive basement of hospital 126

The basement in hospital 126 is very dangerous! Do not come in!

Dosimeter can not show such a high level of radiation in basement in hospital.

Basement hospital 126 pripyat hospital 126 pripyat

Pripyat hospital video:

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Creepy basement of the Jupiter plant in Pripyat