How do people live in Chernobyl and who helps them?

It is known that after the evacuation of the population of the Chernobyl zone after the chaos explosion, many people chose to stay in the infected area.
In the early years of the evacuation in Chernobyl, about 1000 residents remained (officially 3000). But half of them worked to eliminate the accident at ChNPP, because they were allowed to return home. The rest were already very old. It was very difficult to tear people from their native land where they were born.

Самосёлы и туристы
Самосёлы и туристы

All fears of mass deaths from radiation among self-settlers (as the Chernobyl inhabitants later called it) did not materialize. People not only survived, but still beat age records.

Уровень радиации в Чернобыле остается высокий
The level of radiation in Chernobyl remains high

Some selfsettlers live up to 100 years or more, which breaks all the stereotypes about radiation.
These people live in their homes, in empty villages, where there is no store or hospital.

Дом в котором жили самосёлы совсем недавно
The house where dwellers lived recently

Every month, a car with a pension and groceries comes to the people of Chernobyl. But is this enough? Of course not. Therefore, every week, tourists, people who visit the Chernobyl zone visit their homes. Tourists always bring food and medicine. Some visitors give people of Chernobyl equipment.

Самосёлы и туристы
Selfsettlers and tourists

But on the whole, people from the Zone are happy, as they themselves say: “Neither fuss nor disorder. We are in our native land! And this is the main thing, ”- this is how selfsettlers usually answer the question of whether you’re afraid of living in the radioactive villages of Chernobyl.
May God give health to these people. And if you decide to visit Chernobyl, do not forget to visit for a moment to these courageous residents of the Zone. They are always welcome guests.

Самосёлы и туристы