Pripyat town today in 2019

The ghost-town of Pripyat in the winter of 2019 greeted us with warm weather but a gloomy atmosphere.
Dark white contrasts, frost, snowfall, blizzard, lonely city … There is beautiful in this time of the year. Nobody lives here for more than a quarter of a century, the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant destroyed the life of this city but also freed it from numerous tedious advertising , political slogans, large shopping centers and other delights of residential cities. This place remained forever in the USSR.

Pripyat 2019

House of Culture “Energetik”

Pripyat 2019

Pripyat 2019 Snow-covered amusement park of a dead city, the Ferris wheel has long become a symbol of the abandoned satellite city of Chernobyl NPP. Now this is the most attractive place for many tourists, many stalkers, traveling for the first time in the exclusion zone want to take a photo here.

Pripyat 2019 Amusement Park
Pripyat 2019 Amusement Park

Cafe Pripyat, before the accident, it was the place of numerous meetings of young people, because the average age of a resident of Pripyat was 26 years. At that time it was quite an interesting and stylish establishment on the shore of the backwater.

Cafe Pripyat 2019

This is a city pier. Once there was a floating wharf here, which now stands half submerged near by. Here from Kiev went ships “Rocket” on hydrofoils. Now this place is one of the most contaminated with radiation in the city.

Pripyat 2019 photo

Unfortunately, many Pripyat houses in 2019 flow heavily after precipitation and with the onset of frost, water, turning into ice literally tears apart the insides of buildings. This is a natural process of destruction in homes that have not been monitored for more than 30 years.

Apartments Pripyat 2019 look very bad, almost all of them were looted by marauders. At the moment, to find an authentic apartment in 1986 is impossible. Radiation inside buildings is mostly normal and does not exceed 30 micro-roentgens per hour.

Accidentally found stalker apartment.

Stalker apartment in Pripyat

The Pripyat apartments, 33 years after the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, continue to store heat for the stalkers of the Chernobyl zone, of which they now travel a lot across the restricted area to obtain extreme sensations and post-apocalyptic photos.

In this apartment there is a sofa, wallpaper fell, glass is broken.

The remnants of the computer at the Jupiter plant, a wonderful artifact, it’s a pity that the marauders have already worked on it.

Abandoned bus at the Jupiter plant. Very interesting, gloomy place with many mysterious corners.

School №1 collapsed

Abandoned school #1 in Pripyat

Baby stroller at the entrance to the former fire station

Hotel Polesie – was built for guests and visitors of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, after the accident the liquidators and dosimetrists lived there for some time.

The city of Pripyat is a reminder of how fatal a human error can be, what serious, large-scale, negative consequences this can bring. 2600 square kilometers (as the state of Luxembourg) are absolutely extinct lands, villages and cities in which more than a thousand years it will be impossible for man to live. A lot of deaths, diseases, genetic mutations and mutilated destinies – and this is only a small part of what the Chernobyl disaster brought to humanity.