Pripyat apartments Photos


What is happening now in the apartments of Pripyat?

We offer you a new selection of unique photos from the most secret corners of Pripyat. As everyone knows, excursions do not allow entering the houses of Pripyat. And so we will show you what is in the apartments today:

In the apartments of Pripyat there is a little furniture

In the photo you can see what kind of furniture is in the houses of Priryat. These are cabinets, sofas, kitchen furniture and a piano. Some furniture is still in excellent condition. But basically everything is already rotten and looks creepy:

Some furniture in the apartments of Pripyat as new

In many rooms in Pripyat we met furniture that almost did not suffer from the time. And all this because the windows in the apartment are intact and the ceiling does not leak.

Almost all apartments in Pripyat have no batteries

All this is the result of the “work” of marauders. It began in the far 90-ies and continues to this day. Despite the radiation and the presence of police in the city, the metal continues to disappear. Officially it is or not, no one can answer.

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