Pripyat 2017. Very beautiful photo

Pripyat 2017. A new collection of beautiful, bright photos from the Chernobyl zone.

This year is already coming to an end, and we want to show you what Pripyat looked like this year. Her houses and streets.

Pripyat 2017

Pripyat at sunset of the day

I liked the view of Pripyat at sunset. The red rays illuminated the empty streets. And in the windows, the light did not catch fire. People threw this city at the mercy of nature.

Sunset in Pripyat 2017

The dead city is decorated with nature

In 2017 there were a lot of plants in Pripyat. They decorated the city until late autumn. Plants and trees have enveloped the house from all sides.

House in Pripyat 2017

Ferris wheel in Pripyat 2017

The symbol of the dead city is the Ferris wheel. It is not necessary for children, it is very old and may soon fall.

Ferris wheel in Pripyat 2017

Look at the empty city from the roof

Beautiful and breathtaking view from the roof. Summer evening on the roof of a house in Pripyat

A walk through Pripyat 2017

Pripyat is a fairytale city. Beautiful nature. It’s beautiful in any season of the year. So we walked around the city this year, in dense plants and empty streets.

Radiation does not prevent Pripyat from being beautiful

Despite the fact that the city is radioactive, animals live here and nature blooms. This view from the roof of the house:

Eerie approaches to Pripyat 2017

When the city seems alive, but people have not lived there for 31 years already. It is very sad:

See what happens inside the houses of Pripyat now:

Pripyat apartments Photos