Pripyat 2017 Autumn in the Chernobyl zone

Autumn in the Chernobyl zone is not a magical, but very depressing and thoughtful time.

Pripyat, 2017. A unique aesthetic of abandonment.

Осень в Припяти 2017

Колесо обозрения в Припяти

Houses in the dead city of Pripyat start to freeze and leak. Sounds of knocking open windows and doors, walking drafts, dripping water from the roofs – create a depressing, post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

These are the homes of former employees of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
At this time, the city can be very well considered, because the leaves on the trees fell. The grass is withered.

Припять 2017 дом

Дом в Припяти

Припять 2017

Дома Припяти по ул. Леси Украинки

Passage in Pripyat at the highest level. Later there will be snow and again passing houses will become more difficult.

Someone sees in these landscapes: pain, tragedy, beauty, tranquility, and someone radioactive garbage. Autumn in the Zone is truly beautiful!


Школа в Припяти 2017

This opportunity will plunge into one’s thoughts. For some, visiting the city in a non-format excursion is a kind of therapeutic procedure for the psyche.
Near the kindergarten “Teremok” are forgotten toys.
It is difficult to resist the temptation to photograph the houses of Pripyat at this time.

Дома Припяти

And we do not forget that in the entire Chernobyl zone, the level of radiation has been increased to one degree or another.
And this is a familiar phone booth.

Телефонная будка в Припяти

How many more will these houses stand? With each year the city is getting smaller. Marauders, tourists, weather conditions and time do not spare the defenseless city. This makes us appreciate every moment spent in Pripyat.

КБО Юбилейный

Street Lazareva. Stamp 16 storey house.

Ул. Лазарева. Припять 2017

Airplane at an abandoned kindergarten in Pripyat.

Thirty-one years here there were no children.

Самолет около детского сада в Припяти

Mailbox, in which 31 years no one threw a letter.

Почтовый ящик в Припяти

Although around Pripyat there was a barbed wire and serious protection – the city was not protected from the marauders.

The city, which after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant should be the museum of the largest man-made disaster in the world – goes into oblivion.

Pripyat is loved by some former residents, some tourists and rare stalkers

Pripyat 2017

9 этажный дом в Припяти

Feel the atmosphere by watching this short movie

The evening comes.

Pripyat 2017

Вечер в мёртвом городе

Rising on the roof you can watch for a long time a sleeping atom, plunging into darkness.

Pripyat 2017

Ночь в Припяти

Pripyat 2017

A short video from the roof of the same abandoned house.

Night in the pool “Azure” in Pripyat.

Pripyat 2017

Бассейн Лазурный в Припяти

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