Pripyat 1996 Rare photos

We present to your attention the city of Pripyat in 1996, one of the rarest photos of the workers of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Pripyat 1996

Pripyat in 1996 was still a closed city in which several enterprises operated. This plant Jupiter, workshops, station for water purification.

One of the workers of enterprises in Pripyat in 1996 was a special laundry. These photos were taken there:

Pripyat 1996 Special laundry

Special laundry in Pripyat served for decontamination of clothes and special equipment of the Chernobyl NPP:

Pripyat – working special laundry 1996

In the photo you see one of the women who worked in Pripyat for the period of 1996. In the background is the inscription on the house “Forgive me, my home … Julia.” Unfortunately, in 2013, this inscription was painted over by tourist vandals. Today, Pripyat vandalism is a problem. The police is doing everything possible to save the city:

Pripyat 1996

The following photo also shows the inscription on the Pripyat wall at home. These inscriptions were left by the former residents of Pripyat:

Pripyat 1996

At the entrance to the ghost town there is a stele, on which in 1996 was a sign “Forgive the Living” and the date of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on April 26, 1986. The time when life in Pripyat stopped forever. Later, the tablet was removed from unknown reasons:

Pripyat 1996

See what the city of Pripyat looks like today: