Port cranes near ChNPP

Dock cranes near Chernobyl power plant

These are port cranes near Pripyat. There were several of them, one crane was floating. With their help ashore crushed stone and sand, cement and other materials for the liquidation accident at Chernobyl nuclear power plant. With their help, a dam was built separating dirty lake from Pripyat River.

dock cranes near Chernobyl

Now these cranes are abandoned. They have a radiation background about 600 microR / hour. They live on birds, cormorants.

dock cranes near Chernobyl

Every year you can see that the details of cranes disappear, despite high radiation level. On a quiet pier on the river bank, only a few rusty old port cranes remind that there was once a new cargo port.

dock cranes near Chernobyl

Inside the cabin driver in port crane. It is all polluted by birds and there are many plants inside. This cargo port was intended to provide all necessary for construction new power units (5th and 6th reactors) and a modern city of nuclear power engineers.

port cranes near Pripyat

After the Chernobyl disaster, fate this port was predetermined. All this area, all the equipment here, and all four cranes were used to receive cargo for  elimination of consequences accident at fourth reactor and structures and materials for construction of first Sarcophagus.

Now these enormous metallic giants are neglected and forgotten, and derrick-boat and quite disappears under water, and soon only the piles of scrap-metal will remind about their existence. port cranes near Pripyat

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