Polesskoe (Ukranian Poliske, until 1934 Habnoye, Ukr., Khabne) is a former urban-type settlement in the Kiev region, on the Uzh River, until 1993, the center of the Polessky district of the Kiev region. It is located 15 km from the railway station Vilcha.


Habnoe is known since 1415. The Bolsheviks who came to power renamed the settlement and in 1934-1957. it was called Kaganovichi First (Ukranian Kaganovichi Pershi) in honor of LM Kaganovich, who was born not far from Habnoye, in the village of Kabany. In 1957, it was renamed Polesskoe (Ukranian Poliske).

The population at the time of the Chernobyl accident was 11,300 inhabitants. In the village there were factories (foodstuffs and building materials) and factories (named after March 8, furniture and sewing), a consumer services center. There were three schools — No. 1 (new), built in 1978, No. 2 and Volyanskaya (initial, closed after a full-fledged launch of a new one), vocational school, two houses of culture.


Since 1993, resettlement in connection with the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant begins. November 17, 1993 Polesskoe lost the status of the regional center (moved to the village Radinka, and then to the village Krasyachi). In 1999 the settlement was officially abolished. Gamma background in the village is 95-150 microR / h, abroad — up to 450 microR / h.