Object Circle in Chernobyl

Circle – an abandoned military facility in the Chernobyl zone

“Circle” – an auxiliary system for the radar station, is located west of the “Chernobyl-2” in the Chernobyl zone. The structure has the form of two circles, consisting of many antennas (vibrators), about 10 meters high. In the center of the circle is a one-story building with the remains of the receiving equipment, on the roof of the building there is a central antenna.

For what the station Circle in Chernobyl served

The Military Station of Ionospheric Ionospheric Sounding * The Circle * was intended as an auxiliary to the DUGA and also for the generation of current information on the passage of radio waves, the state of their environment, the choice of the optimal frequency range.

Vibrators of the Circle station in Chernobyl to destruction

Photo Circle 2011:

On the territory of the circle

The military station represents several buildings, and “vibrators” around the building. But at the moment, these vibrators are cut and put on metal. Traces from the “black gold” miners can be seen all over the station  . There you can see an abandoned fire truck near the central room. She served in the fire department of the this object.

Building Circle

Inside the premises of the Circle station in Chernobyl, everything has already been destroyed. On the walls and ceilings are clearly visible traces of soot. Here, metal finders from the wires were blown out of the wires for easy profit. Such traces can be seen in many buildings of the Chernobyl zone and Pripyat.

How does the DUGA, for which the served Circle, look on our website:

DUGA (radar station) in Chernobyl