Exciting photos of the autumn Pripyat

Autumn is a very beautiful time. The foliage burns with bright colors, painting the earth with gold. Especially elegant autumn looks in Pripyat. After all, nature in a ghost town took over civilization. Trees and bushes freely made their way into the buildings, arranging a dwelling there for themselves.

When heavy leaden clouds descend over an empty city, Pripyat looks even more gloomy.

Among the forest, houses once differ only once:

And so autumn went to visit school number 2:

Oh .. No comment:

Red ornaments for the Jupiter plant. And the stern building turns into a nice house:

Autumn is the most mysterious time of the year. She creeps quietly and imperceptibly. The autumn wind blows and the light coolness envelops the earth from the end of August. And with the first September day everything becomes really mysterious. This time of year, like an artist, paints nature in bright colors. But he also has a different, less colorful side, when the rainy season begins. Many consider this a time of sadness and reflection. But this period is beautiful, because it gives us the opportunity to enjoy life and at the same time immerses in ourselves. Especially if you are in Pripyat ..