Does the radiation taste and smell?

Does the radiation smell?

Radiation of low intensity does not smell anything, but a very strong and deadly source of radiation, causes ionization of molecules in the ambient air, and these changes give the air a characteristic smell.

All people who encountered strong radioactive radiation, for example during the Chernobyl accident, or in other conditions, noted the smell of ozone and metallic taste in the mouth.

Nuclear physicists and without a dosimeter know that the smell of ozone and metallic taste in the mouth is a sign of strong radiation. A smaller, but still dangerous intensity of radiation has no smell, no taste, it can only be detected by a dosimeter.

So the answer to the question will be this: radiation does not smell anything, but strong and extremely dangerous smells of ozone.

Is there a taste of radiation?

The commander of the 21 regiments of chemical protection is told by Colonel Alexander Nikolaevich STEPANOV

“… They say that radiation has no color, not smell or taste, and that you will not feel it. In my opinion, this is not entirely true. Radiation has its own taste and its sensations. When working in the radioactive contamination zone, a metallic taste very soon appears in the mouth.

Then the skin feels like you are in a bright sun. Even when the sky is cloudy. Then there is dryness in the throat and a characteristic “radiation” cough and hoarseness.

You sit at the meeting as if in a nursing home – all around you “croak” and voices like those of drunkards with experience. All the time you want to drink. There is one more sign, but it already means that you grabbed a serious dose – diarrhea. With a one-time irradiation of more than ten X-rays, a severe, unstoppable diarrhea immediately arises, which literally turns a person inside out. Apparently the mucous walls of the intestine are affected. ”