Cooling towers

What is the ChNPP cooling towers ?

Cooling towers are a quite typical structure and are usually used in thermal power plants and nuclear power plants to cool a huge amount of water with a directed flow of atmospheric air.

Cooling towers chnpp

The unfinished cooling towers were intended for cooling the nuclear reactors of the third stage of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. If the 5th and 6th reactor of the ChNPP were launched, then the capacity of the cooling pond would not be sufficient. For the new reactors of the ChNPP to function, it was necessary to build two cooling towers.  Cooling towers chnpp

How does the cooling towers work?

Inside the tower hot water is sprayed like in a normal shower, some of it evaporates, which provides the required cooling. Hot water is fed up, then sprayed and descends, thus cooling down.

cooling towers

The diameter of the tower is 120 meters, its height is about 150 meters. The structure of the structure has an interesting aerodynamics – when you go inside the tower and talk or scream – the sound repeats in the structure several times.  The walls themselves are crudely made, formed of large blocks, they clearly undulate as they stack skywards.

cooling tower chernobyl

Artwork painted on the cooling tower in memory of the liquidators of the disaster. As a reference, the author used a photo taken in 1986 by photojournalist Igor Kostin, who was one of the first to be in the epicenter of events.

cooling tower chernobyl

The earth inside the cooling tower is covered with radioactive moss

cooling tower chernobyl

Radiation background in the cooling tower is high and is dangerous

cooling tower chernobyl

We measure the radiation inside the cooling tower, the radiation is 10 times more normal

chnpp cooleng tower

Near the tower are abandoned frozen cameras from the apartments of Pripyat

cooling tower

Frozen cameras

cooling tower

Abandoned School in Pripyat, Chernobyl Ukraine