Children’s polyclinic of Pripyat. Dark corners of the hospital

This fall, we walked through the dark offices of the children’s hospital in Pripyat. Small rooms, many hospital documents, jars-bottles and complete silence.

Prior to the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station along the corridors of this hospital, there were Soviet baby-goats and pregnant women. Someone was injected, someone was forced to “breathe, do not breathe.” We all remember these moments from a distant childhood.

The raw corridors have already lost their bright appearance:

Concrete has already begun to crumble from moisture and wind:

An invincible plant that no one watered with water:

Small swimming pool in the hospital:

Honor Board for donors:

Furniture is very little:

Light dining room of the polyclinic of Pripyat:

The bird in the hospital, which could not fly out and stayed here forever:


And so the polyclinic of Pripyat looks outside. Decorated with red plants. Autumn in Pripyat is always impressive!

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