Chernobyl animals after evacuation. Photo by liquidators

Chernobyl animals abandoned by people after evacuation. Photo archive liquidators 
After the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, people living in the contaminated area were strictly forbidden to take animals with them from home. People were assured that they would be able to return to their native lands in 3 days. 

Abandoned rabbits in one of the villages of the Chernobyl zone: 

Chernobyl zone

But due to the high level of radiation in the Chernobyl zone, people have never returned home, leaving the animals at home. Animals locked in huts, sheds and apartments died of starvation. 

Chernobyl zone during evacuation 
This terrible order was justified by the fact that animals are carriers of radionuclides. And caring for them can be deadly. Therefore, they must be immediately eliminated … 

Village ChZO 1986 

After the evacuation of the population of the Chernobyl zone, the Commission on the Elimination of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident issued a terrible decree: “All pets in the disaster area must be destroyed.” 
Dead dog in the apartment Pripyat 
For many months, the soldiers walked around the Zone with weapons and shot all the dogs, cats, cows, pigs … 

Some conscripts do not want to share their memories, because they still dream of this terrible action at night. Many drank a lot of alcohol after such a “hunt” to forget. 

“It was terrible! I remember how we drove past the village of Kopachi. We stopped to check the village. food. My heart was breaking. “Eh, you poor thing” – I sighed. “Run while the foreman doesn’t see, save yourself”! – risking to get a dog, I unhooked the dog chain and showed a gesture that she would run away. she nicknamed her instantly took the hint, and rushed from the last force to the forest. I told the commander that I had dug her in for oh “- recalls Alexander, one of the conscripts of the Chernobyl tragedy .. 

Liquidator feeds a cat in an abandoned village Zones, 1986

And sometimes dogs and cats just died from radiation. After all, animals, like people, don’t feel it at all, cannot taste or smell: 

1988, village Korogod.