Chernobyl 2018

Chernobyl 2018 – new photos of the exclusion zone

Chernobyl in 2018 in winter, probably will not be different from previous years. In the capital of the zone, time froze. There was no decommunization, here you can see Lenin, who without fear continues to carry his post in the middle of the city, which is considered the most dangerous in the world. No trace of those terrible days when the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant destroyed the lives of thousands of people on “BEFORE AND AFTER” …

Chernobyl 2018 winter, February

Chernobyl in 2018 was quite soft in winter. Frost did not lower the temperature by -5 degrees, which made it possible to walk along the center of Chernobyl. Of course, many people represent this city completely differently. At the word Chernobyl, we see Chernobyl nuclear power plants, abandoned houses, empty streets. But in this small abandoned town where the workers of the Chernobyl zone live, there are all the amenities: shops, cafes, hotels, hospitals, parks ..

Chernobyl 2018

Chernobyl is full of history

The city of Chernobyl before the accident was an ordinary city, and after – it became a terrible word in the nuclear industry. It is full of history from beginning to end. In the photo you can see the building of the same court, where in 1987 the most prominent meeting took place in the history of the USSR. Judged people who the authorities considered guilty of an accident at the nuclear power plant.

Chernobyl Court 2018

Chernobyl 1987, the same trial over the leaders of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

Director of the Chernobyl NPP Bryukhanov, Deputy Chief Engineer of the Chernobyl NPP Djatlov and Chief Engineer of the Fomin:

Chernobyl 1987

Chernobyl 2018 in winter

We walked along the avenue in Chernobyl, where different architectural creations are located.

Chernobyl is rich in commemorative signs “Chernobyl disaster”

This memorable sign in Chernobyl was made about 6-8 years ago. The idea of the author relied on the fact that it was possible to throw letters to former villagers in these mailboxes. After all, after the accident and the evacuation, many could not find each other. Each cell has the name of a certain village in the Chernobyl zone. A high monument stands for abandoned houses.

The famous “Trumpeting Angel” in Chernobyl

“Trumpeting Angel” in Chernobyl is also called “Star wormwood”. It is connected in the old legend in the Bible, where it is said about the bitter star that will fall from the sky and poison the waters, and die all because of this water. After the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power station, people began to believe that the prediction from the Bible became a prophecy for Polissya ..

Good morning in the Chernobyl civilization 2018

This is how our morning began in the excellent and modern hotel of Chernobyl. There is a TV, a shower, a good cafe … and even WI-FI.

A modern and comfortable hotel in Chernobyl:

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