Camp in the Chernobyl zone


A small trip to the fairy tale. Or simply, a pioneer camp in the Chernobyl zone called “Fairy Tale” (Skazochnyi).

The truth is in a fairytale place. Near the village of Ilovnitsa.

We recovered in the “fairy tale” in the middle of April. The sun was shining brightly on the street, but there was no sign of warmth. There were almost no leaves, but it was rather dry. Therefore, we managed to see the camp well. Radiation in these places is almost non-existent, the air is fresh and light, since all this is located in the Polissya forest.

By the way about the Polissya forests: walking along the moss of this wonderful forest is a pleasure. The foot is drowning in the carpets of the Chernobyl expanses))

And here is the “Fairy Tale” itself:

The camp was already covered with bushes and dense forest. All is stolen a long time and all metal is taken out of the zone. At the mercy of nature were only a few brick and concrete buildings.

With such greatness we were met by an arch at the entrance to the camp:

On the arch there still remained a miracle barely a living inscription “Skazochnyi”:

Torn even the frame. Not like glass. The buildings are slowly collapsing. From the balconies hang pieces of linoleum. By the way, after the Chernobyl accident the liquidators lived here.

All is beaten. A miracle left the handrails on the stairs. Cautiously climb the fragile steps. To be honest, it’s a bit scary. The building is empty for 30 years.

Corridor with colored walls. Very cheerful coloring. Doors to rooms for pioneers, and later for liquidators. Inside there is a small room, shower and toilet.

And this hall probably used for lessons on music or for carrying out of discos. The ceiling still had soundproofing material.

Great halls. Young pioneers from all over the Chernobyl area gathered here.