Basements and communications in Chernobyl today. Do mutants live there, as legends say

The dark, cold and abandoned cellars of the ghost town of Pripyat often cause fear or interest. What is happening there today, 33 years after the evacuation of the population. Nobody cares about the city, does not check the state of communications and the dungeon of Pripyat. The city is empty and radioactive. The underground life of the city is particularly atmospheric.

Подвал радиозавода Юпитер в Припяти
Basement of the radio factory Jupiter in Pripyat

After the Chernobyl accident during the year, almost the entire city was disconnected from water supply and electricity, not counting a dozen buildings that worked after evacuation on its territory.
In the first winter, without people, the pipes in the houses simply burst due to the heating supply. Without people’s control, everything quickly went into disrepair.
Therefore, the liquidators turned off the supply of water and light to all residential premises of Pripyat.

Подземелье Универсама в Припяти
Supermarket Dungeon in Pripyat

But many basements of houses managed to be flooded. And many of them to this day are absolutely clean and dry. Sometimes even the cellars of our cities can envy those who were in Pripyat

Радиоактивный стул в подвале медсанчасти №126 Припяти
Radioactive chair in the basement of the medical unit No. 126 of Pripyat

The radiation levels in the dungeons of Pripyat are normal. Apart from the central sewer system, where a lot of radionuclides were washed off with doge and water. Apart from the basement of medical unit No. 126, where the things of the first firefighters at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant still lie, the basement of the Jupiter plant, where experiments were conducted on the effect of radiation on electronics.

Подвал ресторана города Припяти
The basement of the restaurant of the city of Pripyat

Do mutants live there, hiding from human eyes. Of course, these are all fairy tales and inventions invented by the developers of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series games.
In fact, today the cellars of the ghost town are empty. But occasionally you can find the remains of different animals.
Before the accident, Pripyatians often stored vegetables, fruits, preserves, and also any rubbish in the basements.
After the evacuation, even the cellars were devastated by looters (or liquidators).

Подвал-склад в Припяти
Basement warehouse in Pripyat
Находка в одном из подвалов города Припять.
A find in one of the cellars of the city of Pripyat.

Video about the basement of the Jupiter Radio Plant, in which engineers and scientists were located in the first months after the accident. Production Association “Spetsatom”. They created robotics for working on the roof of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, for clearing, cleaning of radioactive remains and other things, they dealt with decontamination.