The abandoned village Korogod

What is the abandoned Korogod village ?

Korogod village was founded in the 17th century. It is located 15 km. from the Chernobyl NPP. During the 1986 accident, more than 1,000 people lived there. There was a school in the village, It was resettled that same year to the village of Novy Korogod, Borodyansky district. Many abandoned villages are in the exclusion zone

abandoned village chernobyl

Abandoned house in Korogod village

The village was founded in the middle of the 17th century. According to L. Pohilevich, in 1650, near the village stood the troops of Prince Radziwill, deported to Chernobyl to calm the peasants. For 3 versts from the village was a plain with an artificial increase – there, according to L. Pohilevich, there could be a military camp of the Poles. In 1779, a church was built in the village

abandoned village

At the moment, a fire tower is located in the village where foresters work in a fire-dangerous period. Occasionally in the village you can find a working source for water. Houses are in rather poor condition, almost everywhere there is no floor, windows, doors.

Kinds from a fire tower to the DUGA facility

duga chernobyl 2

Abandoned houses in the Korogod village 

abandoned house in chernobyl

in these houses people will never live again

The radiation background in the village of Korogod slightly exceeds the normal values

Just here you can meet a lot of wild animals