A buried village in the Chernobyl zone 4 kilometers from a nuclear reactor

“Now look at the right and the left. This is the village of Kopachi. You see only a field with hills and signs of radiation instead of crosses. The village was buried 30 years ago, ”the Chernobyl guides say, traveling with tourists through the radioactive village of Kopachi, which today looks like a cemetery.

Ферма в селе Копачи
Farm in the village of Kopachi
Захороненные дома в селе Копачи
Buried houses in the village of Kopachi

The thing is that after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in this place abundant precipitation of radionuclides fell, covering houses and streets with hazardous substances. The levels of radiation were off scale.

A difficult decision was made at the operational headquarters for the liquidation of the consequences of the accident: to destroy and bury all buildings in the village, located just 4 km from the station.

The solution was more likely experimental. The liquidators hoped that in this way the overall level of radiation in Kopachi would decrease. Since the decontamination of houses did not give the expected results.
Houses were demolished with the help of IMRs. The work was dangerous. Radioactive dust settled on the body and in the lungs of the liquidators. But an order is an order.
Unfortunately, this event did not reduce the background. And health can not be returned.

The village of Kopachi is very old. It existed far before the construction of the ill-fated nuclear power plant. The village was inhabited by 1,200 people, there was a kindergarten (it is one of the remaining buildings today), a farm, and a machine and tractor brigade.

Действующий пунск автоматической системы контроля радиации
The current point of the automatic radiation monitoring system
Заброшенный троллейбус (мастерская) в селе Копачи
Abandoned trolley bus (workshop) in the village of Kopachi

Today, radiation levels in Kopach are still high.
Together with the village of Kopachi, such settlements as Yanov and Chistogalovka were demolished.

Холмики - закопанные дома в селе Копачи
Mounds – buried houses in the village of Kopachi

One comment on the name of the village “Kopachi”. Do not you think that it has become prophetic? Knolls